Qualification of laminar flow cabinets and clean rooms

Qualified expertise for critical environments.

We provide your laboratory or work environment with an optimal level of control and safety.

We ensure that your laminar flow cabinets meet the highest standards of quality and performance, providing a controlled environment, which is essential to your operations.

Agenor's specialised technical team qualifies:

Biosafety cabinets.

Laminar flow cabinets.

Showcases and carving tables.

Rigoruous cleanroom certification

According to the Spanish Regulation on Thermal Installations in Buildings (Reglamento de Instalaciones Térmicas en los Edificios, RITE), air quality and ductwork inspections must be carried out on a compulsory annual basis in accordance with UNE standards. The standards affecting operating theatres and critical areas in hospitals are:

• UNE 171340:2020.
• UNE 171330:2014.
• UNE 100012:2005.

At Agenor we offer a comprehensive process of assessment and certification of cleanrooms in hospital environments.

What are the benefits?

Security Guarantee.

Regulatory Compliance.

Infection and Contamination Prevention.

Improving the Quality of Care.

Operational Efficiency.

Full Service.

Knowing our talent and experience and putting it at the service of Healthcare Organisations. That's where our business starts, with professionals who share our values.

Maintenance of medical equipment

Technical advice and consultancy


Biological environmental biodecontamination

Laminar flow cabinets qualification

Transfer of medical equipment

RX Technical Assistance

Endoscopy service management

Electrical safety check and maintenance of operating theatres

SAT manufacturers

Maintenance of installations

Supply of medical equipment

Medical equipment renting

Integration of operating theatres

Repair of surgical instruments

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